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The existing information system is changing to a new type of information system.
We will build an optimized information system.
IT Consulting
The information system development process is completed in five steps: requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. The most important step is the demand analysis phase and the IT consultant presents the right direction and method.

Please consult with Gaemi Network for your company's IT construction, operation, and cost reduction.
Web/Application Development
Web site creation is based on accumulated technology from basic type to customized with various functions and many years of development work. The factors that determine the price are as follows.
  • Design (Custom / Template / Responsive)
  • Functionality (CMS / DB development / coding)
  • Scalability (easy upgrade / maintenance)
  • Stability (Applying coding / data security technology)
  • Amount of data (Text / Image / number of pages / multiple languages)
Online Marketing
We set up and manage following services.
  • Google Adwords Setting/Management
  • Yelp Accont Setting/Management
  • Online Market Setting/Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Hosting is a place where you store and operate your created websites and data. It is important to provide the optimal environment for stable website operation and ongoing management is important.

If your site's traffic or capacity grows significantly, you may need to have your own hosting server or cloud.
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